Saturday Link Love: Oranges


It’s a steaming hot Saturday afternoon. When it’s hot like this I always crave a huge glass or orange juice with loads and loads of ice! In fact, I pretty much love anything and everything citrus! But oranges have always been my favourite. Oranges are just so versatile. You can use them in cooking and you can mix so many fab drinks with oranges. Not to mention all the good vitamin C!

A perfect way to keep cool is this beautiful Orange Basil Sorbet. I would enjoy it as is and as often as possible, but it’s also a beautiful summer dessert.

It’s no secret I love desserts. Classic tiramisu is so stunning, I have yet to find any twist on it that I would think would beat the original,  but this Orange Blossom, Vanilla and Earl Grey Tiramisu just might take the cake! (p.s. scroll down the page)

OK, a lot of people like Jaffa Cake biscuits but equally a lot of people are not big fans of the orange jelly in the biscuits. Well, I have found the best of both worlds…Jaffa Bakes!! They are fabulous chocolate orange biscuits that taste like Jaffa Cakes but no jelly. Check the recipe.

We all know French classic dessert Creme Brulee… how about  Brulee Tarts a l’Orange? Yes, please!

Oranges add a sweet tang to salads and sides. This pan seared black cod recipe has an Orange Dill Salad for added zing!

In addition to salads, oranges make fabulous sauces. Duck and orange is a marriage made in heaven, but this duck recipe has a twist with Candied Orange Raspberry Sauce. 

I’m sure you’ve had an orange cake before. So have I. But I bet you have not had a Sangria cake before!! Neither have I!! So making this!

Marimekko is a Finnish design house famous for their poppy motif. The poppies are in everything from sheets to clothes to dishes. And now in this Orange Poppy Seed Cake! Beautiful!

When i lived in Los Angeles I used to love to go to dinner to Chin Chin and my go to order was Orange Chicken. I have been looking for a recipe to remind me of Chin Chin’s orange chicken. This just might come really close!

These Moroccan style stuffed dates have orange and almond paste in the middle. I repeat: orange and almond paste!

These are not Swedish cinnamon buns but Swedish Orange Sweet Buns! Scandinavian classic flavours with the sweetness of juicy orange. So good!

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