Life Bites: October is here!

October Kale Smoothie

There are several reasons why I love October. The obvious one is that Starbucks has Pumpkin Spiced Latte again on their menu. What can I say – I am completely and irrationally addicted to it. I actually gasped when I went to Starbucks and discovered that they already had it on their menu. I had a tiny mental meltdown in my mind in the form of ‘What??? Why did I not get an email from Starbucks???!!! This happens when I don’t go to Starbucks for a week. Never again!’ See I told you – it’s irrational! If you are jonesing for a PSL and don’t have a Starbucks anywhere close, try this.

I am very excited that next week is London Cocktail Week and this year I am actually trying to hit several cocktail bars and taste different cocktails (watch our IG space). Got my wristband ready! There are so many fabù bars and pop-ups to see and most importantly to taste. *huffing ‘n buffing with excitement*

Have you noticed that gin is super popular nowadays. It’s everywhere! I do immensely enjoy the very, very British G&T now and then. Especially when made with my all-time favourite gin – Bombay Sapphire. I tried to broaden my gin-horizons over this weekend by trying to invent gin-based cocktails for our currently non-existent cocktails section on the blog. I must admit that it did not go very well. Mostly – I think — because I tried to put fresh red currants into each drink. I had Krista as a guinea pig, but she declared some kinda emergency and left after two (only TWO??!!!) drinks mumbling something about my bartending skills. I think I got her into sour mood. Pun intended. *wink*. I might have to take a hint and move on from — oh, no! not gin, but red currants. Somebody has actually made a chart on how much tonic different gins require in a perfect G&T cocktail. Not sure if I am on board with this chart.

The last ever episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation aired earlier this week in the UK just a couple of days later than in the US after 15 seasons. That’s 15 years! What?! Seriously! And I have seen each and every episode. Now that’s a scary thought! Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows were back on the case. The whole episode I was waiting for Nick Stokes to pop up somewhere. But that was not in the lab cards. Like why not?! At the end CSI – or should I say Grissom – had a quite sweet end (not morgue kinda though). Aaawww! This is a funny clip of the actors talking about surprising lessons they have learned from the series. I am with Eric Szmada on this!

Like Green Day says: ‘Wake me up when September ends’. Consider yourself woken up! It’s October, man!

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