Life bites: Morning walks and A$AP Rocky

flowersHow was your week? Were you able to catch some rays? The weather has been so changeable here in London. One moment its sunny and the next moment it’s really gloomy and raining. And the wind! All summer we have had gusty winds. I wake up really early in the morning and I love early morning walks around my neighborhood. I’m usually so early the only other people on the streets are other dog walkers and the newspaper deliveries. The neighborhood I live in quite historical and feels like countryside in the middle of the city! I always admire people’s beautiful gardens and all the pretty flowers. I am envious, I don’t have green fingers at all. Gardening takes such patience and dedication, which I don’t obviously have. Above is just a small pic of the beautiful gardens around here.

Have you caught any good new TV series lately? I started watching Frankie and Grace on Netflix and I’m absolutely hooked! Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are fierce! I think its refreshing to see a well written and classy comedy for mature actors. I saw Lily Tomlin got nominated for an Emmy and I’m not surprised! This may be the one and only time I agree with Miley Cyrus on anything, but she tweeted her support for the series and it got picked up for second series immediately. Thanks Miley!

I have recently gone back in time! OK, not literally.  But I have picked up table tennis some 30 years on since I last played as a child.It is quite tricky, and most of the exercise I get is picking up the table tennis balls off the floor but it is so much fun! And it helps that none of us are exactly pro players so we play it just for fun. It is surprising though how quickly its all coming back. Could table tennis be like riding a bicycle? Once you learn you never forget?

What music have you been listening to lately? I have Years & Years playing non stop on my Spotify. Have you heard their latest release Shine? Fa-bu-lous. Let’s see what else is on high rotation on my Spotify. Mary J. Blidge The London Sessions is still a favourite and I have recently discovered Tori Kelly. She has such a pure beautiful voice. Adam Lambert’s Ghost Town always makes me dance. And one of my absolute favourites is A$AP Rocky’s Everyday (with Rod Stewart and Mark Ronson). “I spend my time drinking wine, feeling fine…” Can’t get the song off my head. What else should I be listening to?

Another weekend is drawing to a close and in honor of that, I think I will mix myself a Negroni and put my feet up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Monday!





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