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Who doesn’t love donuts? I love donuts so much that on Saturdays I sometimes make a special trip to Duke of York Square market (off King’s Road) to buy the most delicious donuts in all of London! Donuts themselves are so perfect, that I don’t think they need much embellishment, but these bloggers have really gone to town and created some awesome donut recipes. These are amazing:

Baked Vanilla Glazed Donuts¬†– first of all, they are baked, which immediately make me think they are good for me (I know, I know…) and second of all, that vibrant pink colour is stunning!

Tres Leches – Tres Leches is a traditional Spanish sponge cake which is here turned into some delectable donuts. Me gusta!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Donuts – If you have dietary restriction or just otherwise prefer eating gluten free- no need to despair! These are gluten free and you can also easily tweak the recipe to make it dairy free etc!

I’m only going to say these 3 words: Maple. Bacon. Donuts.

One of my new favourite bloggers is Farmer’s Daughter, and she has created these Blueberry and Basil Donuts. ¬†Intriguing combination!

There is a lot going on here but if you want to go all the way, there’s not much better way than Seasalt Caramel Truffle Brioche Donuts.

Strawberries and lemonade are my two favourite summer flavours, and they combine beautifully in these Strawberry Lemonade Donuts.

I see matcha everywhere in blog-land and I’m very happy to see it in these Baked Matcha Donuts! The green colour is really cool too and would actually be a nice touch for Halloween!

More delicious way for a traditional peanut butter and jam sarnie is to create it into a donut recipe!

if you ask any Scandinavian what’s their favourite pastry, I bet 90% would say cinnamon buns. Well, now you can have them as donuts!

One of the greatest inventions has been donut holes…and the secret in this recipe is yogurt! Makes the donut batter very light and fluffy!

These California Donuts are wacky and yummy in quirky flavours like Frooty Loops and Panda Donut. We need an outpost in London stat!

Image: hungrygals instagram.



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