Life Bites: Fall is coming

Fall is coming

All I currently hear is my brain shouting at me that fall is coming, fall is coming and  I feel like I should start studying something new or engage in some new activity or just reinvent myself. There’s something about fall that makes me feel like it’s a new beginning and I feel inspired. I have not yet decided what I shall explore this fall. Learn – or more likely re-learn French or Spanish? What do you think – which one should I pick? Take some other course? Go to arty things? Ok, so that’s a bit vague. But I feel like I should be going to museums, art exhibitions, classical concerts, ballet or even opera more. What do you feel like doing (except sipping hot coffee and wearing woollen socks) when the leaves start falling and the air gets that crispy bite?

Yesterday I went to a great classical music ‘experience’ in Helsinki, Finland called Sibelius Finland Experience. I don’t really know that much about classical music except that Jean Sibelius was a very famous and celebrated Finnish composer. His music has been used in over 100 films and tv-series. You know that background music that is really dramatic. Well, the odds are in your favour that you have heard either Sibelius’ Finlandia or Valse Triste; or some other piece. It was great to hear some background information on Sibelius’ work, which made me understand the pieces a little bit better. If you are in Helsinki during next week go check out the Sibelius Finland Experience at Helsinki Concert Hall until 8th August this year. And it will be back next summer as well.

I finally caught up with the hype about The Girl on The Train and read the whole book in 3 days. It is that addicting and good! If you need holiday or beach reading for August, this is deffo a book to pack (or download to your Kindle). It gets you from the start and makes you wonder what’s gonna happen next…

What goes extremely well together with relaxing and reading a good book is sipping an ice-cold Aperol Spritz. Which just so happens to be my favourite drink at the moment. Aperol is an Italian orange bitter. Just like Campari, but not as tangy or zingy or bitter. To make a super refreshing Aperol Spritz you need to mix Aperol with Prosecco and top with a splash of soda water. Super duper easy and extremely refreshing!

Amazing and funny things happen in a car in this You Tube vid Mime Through Time by SketchShe. I am still laughing!!

Have an amazingly relaxing Sunday!

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