Saturday Link Love: Champagne

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Hello August! To celebrate (because really, do you ever need a reason for Champagne?) I have been mixing Champagne cocktails this afternoon. My favourites are a two classic Champagne cocktails, the aptly names Champagne Cocktail (the bar at The Dorchester serves the BEST Champagne Cocktails in town- far better than what I can make…) and a simple and refreshing Aperol Spritzer- heavy on the bubbly. There are of course many other ways to use Champagne- in cooking!

How about a Tomato Salad in Tangerine Champagne Vignarette?  That combines my two favourite flavours in one… citrus and Champagne!

For a festive brunch, I am so making this: Poached Champagne Grape Brioche – New Year’s Day..this is what’ll be on the breakfast menu!

Or how about Champagne Pear Crepes? Very posh!

Talking about posh, your pasta has never been this glamorous: Champagne Cream Sauce Fettucine with Truffle Oil. 

OK, if we are talking about Champagne, some Champagne cocktails must be included on the list. If there’s anything I love more than bubbly, it’s Margaritas…. except maybe Sparkling Champagne Margaritas!!

Cherry Chocolate Chunk Champagne Sorbet is a really refreshing and sophisticated way to end any dinner party!

And if you want something equally chic to kick off any dinner party it has to be Pan Seared Scallops with Champagne Sauce. 

I have recently discovered French 75 Champagne cocktails. They are quite bitter (in a good way!) with lemon juice and lemon bitters but I love them as an aperitif!

Chocolate and Champagne are fabulous together, and so decadent. And so are these Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate and Champagne Ganache. 

To pimp up any pancake recipe- make Fluffy Strawberry and Champagne pancakes.

And to get ANY party started- here’s a classic with a sparkly twist: Champagne Jello Shots!

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